At Dacapo Stainless quality is in focus. Ever more demanding authority and legal requirements, especially within the food industry, means that our customers are met with increasingly challenging demands to supply the right quality. In turn the demands for traceability, documentation etc. are also intensifying. Dacapo meets these demands.

In-house quality department? Yes of course

Since 2003 full traceability has been a given at Dacapo Stainless. Still, it is of key importance that we constantly develop our capabilities together with our customers. For this reason we have an in-house quality department where all quality related issues are handled swiftly and professionally. Control of the products we buy from our suppliers is a one key responsibility; assurance that all employees in Dacapo Stainless follow well defined work processes and high standards is another.


ISO 9001:2015

As an important part of Dacapo’s objective to be the preferred supplier of stainless steel to European industry, all 6 Dacapo locations in 5 countries are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

The certification is just one of several stages on a “quality voyage” for Dacapo, and we will continue to further develop the competencies of all our colleagues and keep on improving our quality policies, systems and processes. During the ISO certification process the entire organization has been further trained to work more in depth with quality at the center of our activities. Results are clearly visible in the form of improving customer satisfaction and better cost efficiency.

Our motto is ”Dacapo, easy to do business with” and in many ways Dacapo has shown the way for the rest of the stainless steel distribution sector. And it doesn’t stop here! Increased focus on QA/QC, new exciting opportunities such as the Dacapo Webshop, integrated EDI solutions are just some of the initiatives where customers as well as suppliers will continue to see that it becomes easier to do business with Dacapo.