Dacapo prepares for future growth

Three initiatives have been taken to expand warehouse capacity at Dacapo Stainless.

Since founded in 2003 Dacapo has grown every single year, and 2017 will be the year so far with the highest growth. Volumes in all markets and all product groups has grown in average by more than 15%, turnover is up by more than 25% and the result up by around 60%.

The combination of a solid European demand and a successful customer- and digital strategy has resulted in the robust growth.

“In 2018 we want more of the same. Therefore, we are right now expanding sales capacity in several markets. At the same time, we are launching more digital concepts aiming at making Dacapo being even more easy to do business with.” says Kristian Sylvest, CEO for Dacapo.
“We expect that the growth will continue in 2018. Therefore we increase our capacity step by step to accommodate, so we are ready for the increased amount of business.”

When you visit Dacapo in Silkeborg, Denmark or Helmond in Holland, it is easy to see, that the stocks are full to max capacity. “Well, right now, we have to park our cars 500 meters from the company gate, because we are using every vacant square meter of parking space for storage area. Of course that is not a workable solution in the long run – that is why we need more storage capacity”, says Kristian.

Dacapo has bought 25.000 m2 piece of land facing the motorway

In the spring, Dacapo bought 25.000 m2 of land. The land piece is connected to the existing area and facing the new east-west motorway. The land should be sufficient for many years growth, especially since the future storage concept most probably will mean automated high-bay warehouses.  



2.000 m2 warehouse extension almost finished in Silkeborg, Denmark

In October 2017 Dacapo started the construction of a new 2.000 m2 warehouse. We expect the new building - that is an extension of the existing facilities - to be finished before Christmas. 

1.000 m2 more warehouse in Helmond, Holland

Also in Helmond, the storage area was under pressure. The growth in fittings sales this year has been even higher than what we have seen on tubes, bars and sheets which has made it necessary to get more capacity and more colleagues. Due to this, we extended the storage area by 1.000 m2 during the summer months.

29 November 2017    News