Stainless steel is a “rough” business dominated by  established “heavy” players with conventional sometimes rigid procedures and slow reactivity. And then you have Dacapo Stainless.

We start in a different place – we start with you as a customer.

In our perspective doing business is about you getting what you need in the most optimal way - for you. After a meeting with us you might be a cup of coffee short, but in return you will be a little more informed and maybe even a little challenged.

Our mantra is ”easy to do business with” and it is us who should be easy to do business with. When we deliver against all your expectations you will be a more satisfied customer, and we collect satisfied customers.

It is all about value. Of course value on the bottom-line but also the value embedded in the fact that we as a distributor can optimize your business. Even though we sell cold steel in a tough market, we do it our way.

A way where you experience that we take responsibility for you making the right choices.

This is why we take pride in taking responsibility, provide solutions and moreover let you know if we feel that you are about to make a “less good” decision. The customer is always right but when he is not it is the professional seller’s responsibility give the customer a heads so the a alternative and better solution can be found.

This is a responsibility we gladly take upon us.