Revolutionary concept for the Food & Dairy industry!

Food & Dairy plus®! – a ground breaking new product concept being launched by Dacapo.

A result of several years of determined development efforts by Dacapo, a new product concept is now on the market - Food & Dairy plus®: tubes and fittings with a guaranteed Rₐ-value (surface roughness) of max 0,8 µm for the Food & Dairy industry.

Dacapo’s ability to supply 0,8 µm Rₐ-value fittings as well as tubes within the same package solution is unique in the industry. Of course Food & Diary plus® complies with the most demanding industry standards including the EHEDG guidelines.

Dacapo’s Food & Dairy plus® tubes and fittings are produced in quality EN 1.4307 and 4404. The tubes are laser welded and available in both annealed and not annealed, polished and unpolished for several standards incl. DIN, ISO, DS and SMS. You can read more in our Food & Dairy plus® brochure. You are also welcome to contact our sales department at phone +31 (0)492 577 777.