6.000 3D models of fittings!

Once more Dacapo is the First Mover in the stainless steel industry and can now offer download of 6.000 3D models of fittings.

At Dacapo we are happy to inform that you as a Dacapo customer can download 6.000 dimensionally stable 3D models of BSP-, food & dairy-, welding fittings, flanges and valves at Dacapo’s web shop.

Easier workday – for you

It must be easy to do business with Dacapo, and in all the things we implement, we have the customers process in mind. A close dialog with our customers makes us able to have the finger on the pulse, so we can optimize our customers workday and be a part of reducing their internal process costs.

Here the 3D models enter the picture. After a customer survey, we launched the making of dimensionally stable 3D models 8 month ago and can now offer 6.000 3D models in the file formats Step, Inventor and Iges. You can download the 3D models, apply into your own drawing program and the design process can continue with no need to make your own 3D models of fittings.